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We humbly invite you to join our GO TO SCHOOL campaign. With it we would like to collect needed funds to be able to send our children in the orphanage to school. The funds will be used to provide them with basic necessities, school fees and school supplies. The children will attend school for the first time in their lives.

The GO TO SCHOOL campaign

For many girls in Uganda in particular, education not only means a better future – it is essential for survival. Without education, children are easily vulnerable, leading to unwanted pregnancies, sexual abuse, domestic violence and early marriage. They often do not have the chance to build independent lives or realize their own potential. Education is the only and also the strongest weapon to escape poverty permanently. 

For many children in Uganda, access to education is only a dream. Together we can change that. With your support, the Okoa organization can make these dreams a reality for the children at the orphanage.

Our goal is to raise 8000 Euros per school year to provide education for the children.

The school year is divided into terms, each of which is interrupted by a short vacation. The first term begins in February and lasts until May. This is followed by the 2nd term from May to August and the 3rd term from September to November. After each term a certificate is given. At the beginning of December, at the end of the 3rd term, there is an exam period and the last report card decides about the promotion of the student. This is followed by the big
“vacations” until the beginning of February. The school fees have to be paid at the beginning of each term. In order to make this possible for our children in the orphanage, we have started this campaign.

From this amount we will spend the money for these 20 children in the following way:

  1. 350 Euro per child for the whole school year consisting of 3 terms, local insurance and health services such as pads for the girls.
  2. 50 Euro one time per child for the purchase of school supplies, uniforms and shoes.

We at Okoa believe that education is the key to success; if these children receive an education, they will be able to change their community and environment in a positive way later on.

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Help us to enable our children in the orphanage to attend school.

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