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Our Causes

Okoa Hero’s Child – our vision is to give street children in Uganda a chance!

„With a small donation, you can help improve the lives of street children.”

The Children’s House

We believe that every child deserves a safe, loving home – a place where they can dream, learn and grow into all that God intended them to be.

Street children

A Center for Street Children

Alone in Iganga, there are an estimated 2000 street children who struggle with numerous difficulties. Their lives are hard because society tends to blame them solely for what they go through, without even giving them the chance to understand their circumstances. The reasons for taking to the streets are varied: poverty, displacement due to natural disasters and conflicts, discrimination, abuse, or family breakdown can all play a role. Each child has their own unique story.

These children engage in a variety of activities, including scavenging for scrap materials, plastic bottles, and pickpocketing. Many sustain themselves by collecting leftover food from garbage dumps. Therefore, it is necessary to rescue these children from the streets and shape their future. Support us in establishing the drop-in center!

Thank you so much! Land for the children’s home is financed!

Completely financed

Thanks to german organisation Heimatstern e.V. and other supporters, 2 hectares of land could be fully financed.

This is an important step towards self-sufficiency for the children’s home, for which we are very grateful.


Land for Okoa Childrenhouse

Clean water, education and medical care are prerequisites for a healthy life

Show your interest. Change their world.

Our Mission

We will not stop until every
child has an education, clean water and enough to eat

What we do, we do with passion, enthusiasm and dedication

Because We Can

Education is the only way out of poverty. Many children do not have the opportunity to attend school due to lack of resources. For families in rural districts, every day is a new struggle of survival.

Discover your opportunities to help children and families in need.

How can we
help them?

  • Help for education
  • Help for water
  • Help for the families
  • Help for food

We are committed to changing their lives because we know it will change the world we live in. Become a part of us.

Your sponsorship helps Street Childrens

Make a difference, support a child

  • Your help gets a face!
  • With only 30 € per month you support your godchild and his whole community.
  • You will receive regular photos and updates about your sponsored child and about projects in the family’s environment.
  • Your sponsorship can be terminated at any time
Volunteer opportunities Okoa Hero's Child

Your donation makes a big difference

Together for sustainable development

“Through their donations of sewing machines, women in the village learn to sew and can later build a livelihood .”
Chris Remington
“Through sponsorships, they enable children to attend school, giving them education and hope for a future.”
Sopia Reynolds