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Okoa Hero’s Child Ministries
Teven Kibumba
P.O Box 041
Tel. +256 702729635 (Uganda)

It is not about how much we give, but how much love we put into giving (Mother Theresa)

Our work is independent of religion or ideology. We give the children biblical values so that they can live their lives with God in a self-responsible way, feel safe with Jesus and in turn train God-fearing people for future generations.

Every donation and every sponsorship amount goes 100% to the respective project – without deduction of administrative costs..

A sponsorship is integrated into a local development aid project. As a sponsor, you support not only a specific child, but the entire project at the same time.

Teven Kibumba, head of the HFCA organisation in Iganga, and Michael Koch, then head of an NGO in Germany, got to know the Bakachi’s during a humanitarian trip in 2021. Both felt inspired to help the 28 children and founded the NGO Okoa Hero’s Child Ministries in Uganda for this purpose.

With the help of grandmother Hissa, we take care of these children and support them on their way to a better future. Most of the children were left with their grandparents by their parents out of necessity. They could no longer take care of the children.

Our vision is to make the existing house a place that guarantees the basic requirements for education, health and nutrition, so that the children can grow up sheltered, develop freely and overcome their poverty. Help for self-help is the term used to describe the principle of taking measures that enable people in need to help themselves or to organise their own help.


With no other form of donation than a child sponsorship you can experience how concrete and how your help works. Your help gets a face!