Change a life – Become a sponsor of a children’s home

Join us on a journey to a children’s home that originated in the village of Kasoslo in Bulamagi Uganda. To a home where 28 children live in a house with their grandmother and struggle through life day by day. Their grandfather, who had taken care of the children for many years, died in the spring of 2022. And this is where the story of the children’s house begins.

We believe that every child deserves a safe, loving home. A place where they can dream, learn and grow into all that God has planned for them. Together, we work tirelessly to ensure that each of these children has a roof over their heads and education, love, hope and a bright future ahead of them. We want to renovate the existing house to create a new home with dormitories for boys and girls. This also includes toilets for boys and girls and a well developed kitchen

We love and care for these children under the care of the grandmother, and we believe that when we do so, we are following the commandments of Jesus Christ to act as his hands and feet.

It will not be an easy path, but with God’s will, anything is possible. Most children were left to their grandparents by their parents out of necessity. They could no longer take care of the children because they themselves hardly had the necessary means.

We seek support to better equip these children to cope with the significant challenges they face daily. The children dedicate a substantial amount of time to learning, reading, and assisting at home. Together, we can provide these children with a future and renewed hope. In order to continue supporting the kids, we depend on the generosity of volunteers and donations, as there is no financial assistance from the government. The monthly cost for the basic food supply is approximately €300.

The children’s centre has been undergoing renovations since June 2022, and significant progress has already been made. The next steps involve the refurbishment of the kitchen and sanitary facilities, which are particularly important to us due to the emphasis on hygiene. The children aspire to receive education, ranking it at the top of their wish list! They all dream of attending school. Therefore, we hope to find sponsors for the children to make their school attendance possible. This would make a substantial difference in the lives of the children.


  • You will regularly receive photos and information about your sponsored child and the construction progress of the children’s home..
  • Your sponsorship can be cancelled at any time and is tax deductible.
  • Once a year we will send you our annual report and a donation receipt. 

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We are also working together on important projects for the village of Kasoslo, whose families and women urgently need help. Sewing projects, agriculture, hygiene and counselling help to strengthen the village community and to take steps together towards a sustainable future. Okoa Hero’s Child Ministries in Uganda was previously registered as Hope for Change Africa and has already been able to accomplish many things for families and children in Busogo County.