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Whether you want to adopt a godchild, donate something or work with us… You will find the answers here!

If you want to get involved with our goals, we also want to provide you with the best possible information right from the start. Here we have compiled the most frequently asked questions and answers about Okoa Hero’s Child Ministries. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us personally at any time – an e-mail or a phone call to +256 702729635 (UGANDA OFFICE) will suffice!

Why should I sponsor a child?

Sponsorships help children, women and families to escape hopelessness in their lives. Uganda is one of the countries with the most children. Their lives are characterised by famine, poor hygiene, severely limited health care, and little access to education characterise their lives. As a Christian organisation, we believe they deserve a chance for a better life. You can experience what your help can do and accompany your sponsored child to a better life.

How can I become a sponsor or donate?

It’s actually quite simple. Choose what is close to your heart. Whether it is a sponsorship for a child, the children’s house or simply a donation for the farm, food or a family, the joy will be great in Uganda.  Just send us an email.

Over what period does my sponsorship last?

It would be nice if a sponsorship lasted as long as possible. This way you accompany a child for a long time and get to know it. The decision on how long is entirely up to you. Please inform us in time. You can end your sponsorship at any time at the end of a month.

What do I receive when I have decided to become a sponsor?

At the beginning of the sponsorship, we will send you photos and information about the living situation of your sponsored child.

Can I write or visit my godchild?

Our children are happy when they receive mail from a distant country. The mutual letter contact is important for your sponsored child and certainly motivates him or her to make an effort at school. Over time, you will see a lasting improvement in your sponsored child’s life. With your help, he or she will be able to lead a more successful life. This is the incredible power of sponsorship.

A visit to the site is a highlight for everyone and becomes a lasting memory. Let us know if you are planning this so that our team on site can prepare everything for the day and you can have a great time together.

What does my sponsorship do?

Sponsorship gives children a perspective and the chance for a better future. This way, you give your sponsored child permanent access to clean drinking water, healthy food, medical care and education. By helping people to help themselves, we aim to improve children’s lives sustainably.

I cannot continue the sponsorship for financial reasons?

You can terminate your sponsorship at any time and without giving reasons.

Such situations can always occur. Please inform us as early as possible so that there is no interruption of the sponsorship.

Can I come to Uganda as a volunteer and participate?

We are always looking for volunteers from “home and abroad” for various areas of our work, and we would be happy if you would volunteer with us. This alone will strengthen and build the community in the children’s houses and in the village.

Even if you leave us as an organisation because your time is up, the children and families you have been in contact with will tell many interesting stories and their experiences with a smile. In the local language, a white person is called a “muzungu”, which you will often hear. Send us an email and we will send them the documents.