Our little heroes at the children’s house

The journey to change the world begins with a single child…

It is a big challenge to renovate this children’s home for up to 28 orphaned, vulnerable or abandoned children who need immediate care, support and protection and who live in Kasolo village in the Bulamagi sub-county in Iganga district live. We invite you to meet our children.

The 71 year old grandmother lovingly takes care of the children. Under her care, we support the children on their way to a better future and believe that by doing so, we are following the commandment of Jesus Christ to act as his hands and feet. In their free time, the children play a lot, tell each other stories. They pray a lot and stick together like a big family. Unlike in Europe, the children do light work around the house. They take care of the animals, help in the household, peel manioc and plantains and help grandmother Hissa prepare the meals.

Again and again there are days of uncertainty, but also of hope. We don’t worry about tomorrow – the next day will take care of itself. We trust that God has prepared the next day for us.

Every day is a new day given by God.

A great wish of all children is to be able to attend school. Fighting poverty through education is the only right way. Imagine if you could help these children get an education, what an impact it would have on their lives. We believe that each of us can do something for these children to improve their own lives and the lives of those around them.

At the moment, the children all sleep on the floor. This is not good for the children’s health and we want to put an end to it by installing bunk beds. Then each child would have its own little kingdom. The children already have big dreams. Shanita dreams of becoming a nurse and little Rema is convinced of becoming a pastor. Mutesi wants to ensure law and order later on by becoming a policeman.

We are asking for support so that we can help these children better manage their dreams and the incredible difficulties they face every day. Our vision is to give the children here at the children’s home a future in a healthy, safe, caring and loving family environment. That is why we are committed to changing their lives, because we know it will change the world we live in.

Fazili dreams of becoming a teacher and teaching other children. Rayan wants to become a lawyer and Shirat is sure that she will become a businesswoman. Shamil also dreams of becoming a businessman one day. Then he could also help other children to attend school. We are always amazed at the dreams our children have in their young lives. Our Ramula wants to be a building contractor one day. Hamida wants to become a policewoman like Mutesi and ensure justice and order. Michael is fascinated by what is happening at the house at the moment and wants to become a builder. Isa, on the other hand, is modest and wants to bring people closer to his country, the “Pearl of Africa”. He wants to become a driver.and Abbasa, who takes care of the goats every now and then, finds it exciting to be a journalist later on.

Even if the wishes for their future are already very big, even “little things” can help to bring about great things in their lives. With a small donation from our donation shop, you can support and make possible wishes that are urgently needed. Together we can achieve more – that is the idea behind our activities and projects.

The children’s home is financed by donations at the moment, for which we are very grateful. Even though Hissa has to fight again and again for the next meal, she is very grateful to God for everything.  She feels blessed in her work. Together we hope and pray that the children will be able to get an education. In order to be able to better provide for the children, a small farm is planned.

„Großmutter“ Hissa

Goats, chickens and maybe a pig

A small farm could ensure the self-sufficiency of the children’s house. Only recently, a goat has had offspring, and the children enjoy looking after the animals, like little Abbas here.

Abbas und die Ziegen

Meet our children in Uganda

In the future children’s house we want to set up a guest room for volunteers. Those who want to visit the children’s house in the Volunteer Service, you will have the opportunity to travel back in time for 2-12 weeks and get to know the children’s everyday life better. There are many opportunities to get involved: School, farm, childcare and much more.

Meet Abedi and Majidu, our two facilitators at the children’s house. They want to do this professionally later on. With Akiram you can try out what it’s like to work as a TV presenter later on. The children like to sing and maybe someone can be found to support Sophie musically and teach her to play the guitar. She wants to become a musician. Fahiya also dreams of becoming a teacher She doesn’t go to school.

Shanitah wants to become a leader and maybe she will co-lead the children’s house later on.

The children face many challenges in their lives that need to be overcome. Our task is to support these children on their way. We give the children biblical values along the way so that they can live their lives with God on their own responsibility. Education is the key that helps each child to escape hopelessness and poverty.

Our Fahiya in the children’s home wants to become a teacher when she grows up, to teach other children. A big goal, which cannot be achieved without your help.

A child’s life is like a book in which we can read and write. When we choose to help shape a child’s life, we not only give them hope and confidence for a better future, but also leave a mark on the child’s life.“

Swahiba born on 11/04/2009, dreams of becoming a teacher. Mohammed born on 19/02/2008, dreams of becoming a songwriter and Ashraf born on 29/06/2014, dreams of becoming a video producer later.

In Uganda life is hard for many families. Many don’t know how to get through the month. Some don’t know how to get through the week and others don’t know how to get through the day. So every day becomes a new challenge.

Our children at Okoa Hero’s Child are blessed because they have a home and are cared for. The oldest in the children’s house, Biribawa and Kamida, also dream of becoming teachers. They take care of the smaller children in the house and support Hissa with many other chores.

Living with Jesus means living with the poor, living with the poor means living with Jesus. We at Okoa Hero’s Child Ministries believe that God lives where the poor live and so he lives with the children. God is with them when they sleep, when they play and when they cry. He is also there in the silence when they have no hope.

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