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Change in life starts with you and me – a sponsorship for a child can be the first step. Victor is eagerly waiting for a sponsor. He needs a sponsor to give him opportunities to learn and grow physically, mentally and spiritually.

When we sponsor a child, we say yes to a child who lacks the basic necessities of life. This benefits not only the child, but also his or her family and community!

Change in life begins with ourselves

With a sponsorship, we not only change the story of a child, we also change its environment. We actively contribute to a sponsored child receiving the basic requirements for education, health and nutrition and support them in growing up safely, developing freely and overcoming poverty.

With no other form of donation than a child sponsorship do I experience so concretely how and where help works. The help gets a face! A school education, a tailor-made uniform to be proud of. But also books, pencils, a lunch or medical care are part of it and contribute to a big change.

Access to public primary schools, although officially free, is made difficult, if not impossible, for many families by a variety of “hidden costs”. These “hidden costs” such as examination fees, textbooks, pencils, school uniforms and a lunch have to be paid by the parents themselves, which is often not possible. Without these costs, the children are not admitted to attend the “free” public schools. With a sponsorship, we try to cover the running costs for the children to attend school, which is often a challenge in itself. We are very grateful for how God blesses our children and some are already able to attend school,

But what if personal circumstances change unexpectedly and you are no longer able to continue a sponsorship? A sponsorship can be terminated at any time. It would just be nice to know in time so that we can find a new sponsor for the child as soon as possible so that the school is not interrupted.

change in life. We say THANK YOU! Change in life with sponsorship and donations
Victor would be very happy to have a godfather or godmother by his side, just as God is by our side.
life changes
life change Sponsorhip a child.

Beyond sponsorship, we teach the children biblical values so that they can live their lives in ownership with God, feel safe with Jesus and in turn develop God-fearing people for future generations.

The Bible is a unique book that has existed unchanged for many years. God himself introduces himself in this book. He inspired people to write about him, so that we can still read many stories today. If you believe that these stories really happened, go on an exciting journey of discovery!

We want to support the children in this.

Micha Koch OHCM Germany

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