Water filter against dirty water

There is a lack of water filters in the village communities. These are communities that no one tells them about when they visit the Nile, Jinja or Iganga as tourists in Uganda. The climate changes do not stop here either. For many weeks it has been dry with very high temperatures….

The children go searching every morning before sunrise and sometimes spend hours finding unclean water to drink, so this affects their access to education. It is often a muddy stream with water that they share with their neighbours and their livestock. The water they consume is dirty and unclean, causing them to suffer constant stomach aches, typhoid and diarrhoea. Many families lose children to water-borne diseases!

This is a world that most people from economic countries do not know. Many live in such a difficult condition to find clean and safe water.

Our Water filters and wells can help

One of our projects is to build water wells or provide water filters for poor rural communities like Busoga who have little or no access to safe and clean drinking water for their daily lives.

Help provide clean water and save lives!

Der tägliche lange Weg zum Wasser
Water filters and wells can help

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