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children house update

Update on our ongoing renovation of the children#s house. Thank you to everyone who is helping Fundarise for this cause.

And to our friends in Germany Micha and Edith, we can’t thank you enough but we are so happy with your work. A new roof has been completed. The future children’s house looks like a large construction site and many children were there today to see what is happening in their future house at the moment. Today the windows and doors were brought, adjusted and put in place.

More help for children house

Friends, we still need more help, our next step will be where we need more cement, sand, wood, tails and paint

Your contribution to this cause will help us change the lives of these children. Almighty God bless your hands as you pray, donate and raise money for this cause.

Visit our donation-shop for more help.

children's house
Children need a future.

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