The Idea to build a house

The Idea to build a house for needy children

We thank God for the generosity of Good Samaritans who tirelessly support us in various ways to ensure that vulnerable children receive support and access to equal rights and opportunities to live with parental love, care and guidance like other children.

Regardless of other causes such as; Access to education and medicine, our biggest problems are food and shelter.

The Idea to build a house for these needy children

As a matter of necessity, to prevent our mission and vision from being terminated, which could lead to our needy children becoming involved in crime, early pregnancies and death due to lack of facilities, care and guidance as a child, we came up with an idea to build a house. for these needy children to keep them safe.

We humbly ask for your generous support so that we can renovate the house available for the children to stay at this time.

Thanks to Michael and Edith in Germany for the great efforts towards this cause. Your contribution to this cause will help us keep these children safe for their future.

You can count on our organisation to bring hope to many hopeless situations in our region. It is only with your help that we can make a difference. Get involved by praying, donating and rejoicing with us as we touch hearts and bring hope in Iganga. Visit our donation shop

We thank our partners and donors for supporting our activities and for making our children smile.

The Idea to build a house
Children need a future.
The Idea to build a house
The Idea to build a house

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