child in the children's house

More help for children’s house

In July we started the renovation of the house and look now, what has happened so far. Thanks to God’s favour and your giving hearts, this has been possible. The first tiles in the house have now been laid and I don’t recognise the rooms I visited last November. Where there is light, darkness must give way…. 🥰🙏

help needed for beds and mattresses in the children’s house

The interior work on the house is going slowly at the moment because we don’t have the necessary financial resources.

Especially for the upcoming move-in, we still lack the money resources for urgently needed bunk beds, mattresses, bedding sets and mosquito nets.

If it is in your heart to support us, we are very grateful to you! The Lord give back tenfold 🙂

Visit our donation-shop for more help.

children's house
Children need a future.

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