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new Foundation to help children

We are setting up a new foundation to help children in need. Hissa Bakachi lived to the age of 72 and leaves behind 28 grandchildren, whom he and his wife always took care of. His wife now faces many problems.

To help her, our common vision is to use the existing house as a children’s home. This is a big challenge, because it takes a lot of work and financial resources to renovate the house.

Our vision for the new foundation

With the foundation we want to support Hissa’s wife to cope with the situation. Step by step the house will be renovated in order to create new living conditions for the children. We want to help them grow up in a happy, healthy, safe, caring and loving family environment.

  • To this end, the name Okoa Hero’s Child Ministries was successfully registered today.
  • The next step is to register as a non-profit, non-governmental organization.

There are still many things missing. The children sleep on the hard floor so far. There are no beds or mattresses yet. At least there is a water pump directly in front of the house, which provides fresh clean water. We are very grateful for this.

Clean water is still considered a luxury in Uganda.

new foundation Okoa Hero's Child Ministries children's house
This is how it looks at the moment
Children from children's house
sleeping children in Bakachi children house

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